Ecstatic Dance Charlotte

Next Event! 07/20 @ Aerial CLT 

$25-$100 sliding scale - doors open @ 6:30 


 tickets here

"connecting to body and spirit through movement and sound"



1  be free - dance how you want. no judgment.

2  be present - no phones or cameras.

3  be embodied - no talking or spectating.

4  be clear - no intoxicants.

5  be consensual - listen for a yes. respect a no.

6  be here - no outside shoes.

7  be on time  - doors will close after opening circle.


We’re calling in a team of lovely people to help us envision and build the ecstatic dance community here in Charlotte! Interested joining up? We’re looking for reliable pioneering spirits to help steward our little adventure onward to the next level and make this city a more beautiful place to be for everyone. 

Volunteer Sign up!

Alexander Caruso


facilitator / contact

Colleen  Anne 


Colleen is a multifaceted being who enjoys creating experiences for individuals to connect with themselves and others through community. Colleen dabbles in many creative endeavors, as well as a multitude of healing spaces.  She started dancing as part of her own healing journey as it was an opportunity for her to disengage from the mind and fully connect to her body. It brings Colleen great joy to create conscious containers, such as this, for people to have this opportunity to truly experience themselves.